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Biden's whole new gang of six

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.)

Rep. James ClyburnAssistant Minority Leader Clyburn is the number three person in the House Democratic Caucus. 

A close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Clyburn is seen as guardian of social spending.

In an April 15 press conference with Pelosi, Clyburn hurled lightning at the 2012 GOP budget.

“This plan is a road to ruin for the middle-income and low- income in our society,” he said. “Republicans are pushing the same agenda they've always had: ending the safety nets that are so important to our citizens.” 

“It block-grants Medicaid, slashing nursing home care and would lead to 50 different benefit programs across the country. That will take us back to a place of my childhood. I do not believe that the benefits of our great nation ought to be predicated upon what state you may happen to have been born in or unfortunate to have been born there,” he said.

In April 11 television appearances, Clyburn said he wants to focus on special interest tax breaks.

“My plan going forward would be let's get rid of these subsidies for big oil companies. That is a $40 billion to $50 billion revenue there. Let's get rid of these tax breaks of people who are creating jobs overseas. That's another significant $25 billion to $30 billion, if I believe all the experts,” he said on CNN's "American Morning."

To go beyond this, Clyburn, like Obama, wants to expand health care reform to control costs.

“Democrats tackled entitlement reform in the Affordable Care Act, cutting waste, fraud and abuse from Medicare. And the program was made solvent for 14 years,” he said.

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