Ryan accuses budget critics of class warfare

Ryan will also reiterate the GOP position in regards to the debt ceiling, which was reached Monday. To raise the borrowing limit, Ryan will say, a deal must be struck to cut spending by a larger amount than the debt ceiling increase. 

“For every dollar the President wants to raise the debt ceiling, we can show him plenty of ways to cut far more than a dollar of spending. Given the magnitude of our debt burden, the size of the spending cuts should exceed the size of the President’s debt limit increase,” Ryan will say.
The House passed the Ryan budget on April 15, while the Senate Budget Committee has yet to produce an alternative. The House Appropriations Committee is proceeding to markup bills based on the spending ceilings in the Ryan plan, essentially assuming it never gets reconciled with a Senate version.

Senate Budget Committee Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) will announce his intentions on a resolution this week after further consultations with colleagues on his draft, the committee said Friday.