Same sex marriage, gun control in DC untouched by policy riders

As expected, the latest appropriations bill from House Republicans includes lots of spending cuts. But it is missing some other expected items.

The fiscal 2012 appropriations bill for financial services and general government, unveiled Wednesday, does not include any provisions targeting the Washington's policies on same sex marriage or gun control.

City leaders had been concerned that such riders could find their way into the legislation.

However, the measure is not entirely free of efforts to influence operations within the District. Federal funds would not be allowed for abortion, nor could they be used to fund needle exchange and medical marijuana programs in the district.

Furthermore, the bill would cut by roughly 10 percent the amount of federal dollars the district receives. Under the measure, D.C. would receive $637 million in fiscal 2012, $62 million less than it received last year and $80 million less than the president requested in his budget.