SCOTUS rules in Wal-Mart's favor in class-action suit

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, writing the court's opinion, acknowledged that the case represented on of the "most expansive" class action suits in history. However, the suit was dismissed because the court said it failed to prove gender discrimination was a widespread common policy of Wal-Mart.

The suit was filed in 2001, and was intended to represent roughly 1.5 million women who were hired by the company since 1998. Specifically, those filing the suit argue that Wal-Mart systemically discriminated against women by giving local supervisors discretion over setting pay and promotions.

However, the court dismissed that argument in its ruling saying that the company's policy of giving managers such discretion indicates that there is no widespread discriminatory policy in place.

The women behind the class action suit now would have to file as individuals if they want to seek damages from the company.