Number of ex-lobbyists working for Congress doubles

“It may, plausibly, be the case that these individuals are able to keep the wishes of their former clients separate from the wishes of the constituents their bosses represent,” the report said. “But it may also be the case that these former lobbyists are now in the position to exercise considerable sway over everything from policy outcomes to government contract decisions and anti-trust decisions.”

Republicans have 79 former lobbyists working in their offices, compared to 48 for Democrats and one for an Independent. In the 111th Congress there were 27 former lobbyists working for Republicans and 33 working for Democrats.

The center said many congressional members, especially freshmen, sometimes hire lobbyists to "help compensate for their own congressional inexperience."

“The lobbyists of certain companies may be highly desirable to members of Congress serving on committees that handle legislation of concern to these companies,” said the center’s analysis.