Poll: Americans skeptical Washington can fix economy

The poll is the latest in a string of surveys to note Americans’ frustration in recent days, with confidence in the economy plummeting. Poll respondents are also less confident in top Washington officials from both parties, in the wake of the recent debt-ceiling showdown and credit-rating downgrade from Standard & Poor’s.

The Post poll, for instance, found Americans basically split on whether President Obama and Democrats or the GOP was more to blame for the government’s focus on the wrong issues.

And respondents, in just seven months, also became much less confident in the ability of both the president and congressional Republicans to make the right economic decisions.

But the public, according to the Post, does trust Obama more, with 1 in 3 having at least a good amount of confidence in the president and just 18 percent believing in the GOP.

The poll also found a majority (52 percent) believed S&P made the right call in downgrading the U.S. credit rating, and that just 18 percent of registered voters were inclined to send their lawmakers back to Washington.

The poll was conducted Wednesday, with 601 adults.