Kerry says no to fundraising while on supercommittee

Kerry's vow, the first of its kind from anyone on the supercommittee, comes as the group gets up and running. Following a procedural meeting on Thursday, the panel will kick off its work in earnest Tuesday, holding a hearing with Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf.

However, Kerry's office downplayed the move, given that the senator does not need to run for re-election until 2014.

“This is about the most overblown non-issue ever. Senator Kerry isn't in cycle, hasn't actively been fundraising for himself, and he's chosen not to schedule fundraisers right now for his reelection campaign years away," said Jodi Seth, the senator's spokesperson.

Concern about the pressure the supercommittee will be under from special interests has led to a push from some groups and lawmakers for complete transparency from the panel, as well as eschewing fundraising through Thanksgiving while it produces recommendations.

Kerry said that he was not opening his door to anyone looking to sway his opinion on what to cut where.

"I'm not meeting with a lot of lobbyists; I'm meeting with people I choose to meet with, who can inform me, assist in the process of crunching numbers," he said. "My schedule is tight and very managed and it does not include meeting with a whole bunch of lobbyists right now."

Some members of the supercommittee have said they will tone done fundraising activities while serving, including Sens. Max BaucusMax BaucusHealthcare profiles in courage and cowardice OPINION | On Trump-Russia probe, don’t underestimate Sen. Chuck Grassley Lawmakers: Leave advertising tax break alone MORE (D-Mont.) and Rob PortmanRob PortmanFive takeaways from ObamaCare repeal’s collapse Senate heading for late night ahead of ObamaCare repeal showdown Senate releases 'skinny' ObamaCare repeal bill MORE (R-Ohio).

However, other members have continued their cash collecting as originally planned. Sen. Patty MurrayPatty MurrayMcCain urges 'a fresh start' on healthcare reform Schumer expresses hope for bipartisan ObamaCare fixes ObamaCare repeal: Now what? MORE (D-Wash.), co-chairwoman of the supercommittee and head of Senate Democrats' campaign efforts, is unlikely to stop fundraising due to her latter role.

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