Liberal group: Raise taxes on rich now

“If the supercommittee plan delays the decisions about who has to pay higher taxes until next year, you can be sure it'll become just one more opportunity for the 1% to run roughshod over the 99%,” the message adds. “That's why we have to stop any deal that doesn't make the rich and corporations pay their fair share, while protecting critical programs — like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — that we all rely on.” also cites a recent New York Times article that said supercommittee members were discussing a plan to set a revenue target, then have the congressional tax-writing committees haggle over the details in 2012.

The group’s outreach also comes as the supercommittee, tasked with finding at least $1.2 trillion in budget cuts, has less than 10 days to unveil its recommendations, and underscores the challenge the panel’s members have in striking a deal.

Democrats and Republicans on the panel alternately offered their own plans and rejected proposals from the other side last week.

GOP members presented a plan that would have raised hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenues, which Republicans, who have broadly opposed using tax increases to eat into deficits, called a significant concession. But Democrats rejected the plan as being weighted toward the richest taxpayers.

On the flip side, Democrats threw out a plan that had $1 trillion both in new revenues and spending reductions, including cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. After that plan was proposed, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), the co-chairman of the supercommittee, publicly chided Democrats for only pairing entitlement cuts with large tax hikes.

Citing a string of polls this year, liberals have long asserted that the public is more on their side when it comes to how to tackle the federal debt — a new Battleground poll found that two in three want to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, while two in 10 would be on board with raising beneficiary costs in Medicare and Medicaid.