North Dakota lawmakers say $400 million approved for disaster aid funding

“I’ve pressed the House leadership to ensure that disaster relief is a top priority, and I appreciate Senators Hoeven and Conrad’s work to do the same in the Senate," Berg said in a statement. "While there is still much work to do, the CDBG disaster funds approved today will provide North Dakotans with valuable aid to help with recovery efforts throughout our state.”

The lawmakers have spent the past few months jointly pressing for inclusion of the funds for floods in North Dakota and disasters elsewhere. Hoeven, a member of the Appropriations and conference committees, first got the full Senate panel to include the CDBG amendment during committee consideration. 

The conference committee working on a bill to keep the government running through the end of the week agreed on Monday that funding for the departments of Agriculture, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce and Justice will be included in the first “minibus” spending package, but Homeland Security and legislative branch funding will not be added, aides told The Hill's Erik Wasson earlier Monday

Conservative House Republicans oppose disaster-aid funding included in the Senate Homeland Security bill and have threatened to vote against the spending bill with the disaster funding in it.

The bill will include a “clean” temporary spending bill funding the government past the Friday deadline, until Dec. 16.