Durbin aims to spread around $22 billion in Pentagon cuts

The senator in charge of negotiating a spending package for the Pentagon based on the Ryan-Murray budget said Thursday that he is looking to evenly distribute $22 billion in new spending cuts.
Senate Defense Appropriations subcommittee Chairman Dick DurbinDick DurbinTop Dem: Trump’s voter fraud commission will accomplish what Putin wants Senators who have felt McCain's wrath talk of their respect for him Graham and Kushner met to discuss immigration differences: report MORE (D-Ill.) is already deep in discussions on how to fashion the Pentagon spending bill due by the time a government shutdown looms on Jan. 16. Appropriators in the House and Senate already have a framework for how to divide the $1.012 trillion budget into 12 pieces for each subcommittee. 
“Negotiations are underway. We’ve got to cut $22 billion out of our mark in the Senate,” he said. “We understand this won’t be easy.” 
“We’re going to try to spread this so there is no particular hardship created,” he said.  “We have to cut spending. This is not a growth appropriations bill.”
Durbin marked up a defense bill with $516 billion in base funding and $78 billion in war funding this year and is now aiming for a base of $494 billion.  
He predicted Thursday that most policy riders will be removed from the bill and referred to the Armed Services committees.
“By the time we get back here Jan. 6 we ought to be closing most of our negotiations in the House and Senate and ready to craft a bill,” he said. “My staff tells me they will need all of that time to draft a bill to bring to the floor.”