White House changes countdown clock to pin tax blame on House

The White House is making its feelings known on exactly who is to blame if the payroll-tax holiday doesn’t get extended — the House.

On Monday, after House Speaker John BoehnerJohn BoehnerIt's time for McConnell to fight with Trump instead of against him How Republicans can bring order out of the GOP's chaos Republican donor sues GOP for fraud over ObamaCare repeal failure MORE (R-Ohio) said he wouldn’t support the extension legislation, White House officials updated their now famous “countdown clocks” behind Jay Carney’s lectern to state: “If The House doesn’t act, middle class taxes increase in (insert time here).”

For weeks, Carney has conducted his briefing between the two clocks, which stated: “If Congress doesn’t act, middle class taxes increase in (insert time here.)”

In the new signs, the word Congress is crossed out in red and replaced with “The House.”

House Republicans have their own version of the clock, which blames the Senate for the impasse.