House Republican vows to block consumer bureau director

The White House argues that the brief sessions, held every few days and lasting just a few seconds, are expressly intended to block recess appointments and are not legitimate congressional work, and that a recess appointment in the midst of those sessions is acceptable.

However, the move represents a new approach for a modern U.S. president, since pro forma sessions have become a popular tactic for blocking recess appointments in recent years.

Obama pushed Cordray's selection through after Senate Republicans blocked the pick in a floor vote in December. Republicans argue the agency he has been nominated to run is overpowerful and must be changed to be more accountable.

“A Dodd-Frank created government agency, the CFPB will have almost unlimited power to regulate almost all financial transactions and its director will not answer to Congress or even the president – giving him more power than any other Obama Czar," said Landry. "Given the president’s desire to control every facet of American’s lives, I am not surprised he would violate the Constitution to make an appointment to this big government institution."