Treasury levies sanctions on company aiding Hezbollah

The Treasury Department announced new sanctions against a Beirut business and its proprietors, charging it aided Hezbollah in purchasing technology that went into drones.

The government froze all U.S. assets of Stars Group Holding, as well as the assets of brothers Kamel and Issam Mohamed Amhaz, who run the electronics business.

The government also announced a crackdown on subsidiaries of the company based in Dubai and China, as well as other top company officials.

The Treasury claimed that the company used those subsidiaries to acquire engines, communications, navigation equipment and other technology that ultimately went into drones and other projects pursued by the terrorist group. The equipment was purchased from companies in Asia, Europe and the United States.

“With disturbing reach far beyond Lebanon, Hizballah’s extensive procurement networks exploit the international financial system to enhance its military capabilities in Syria and its terrorist activities worldwide,” said David Cohen, Treasury’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence. “This global terrorist activity and expanding criminal network belie Hizballah’s claimed purpose as a national liberation movement. It is critical that countries throughout the world work together to combat this dangerous organization and sever it from sources of revenue and support.”

The Treasury said the unmanned aerial vehicles built with the technology were used by Hezbollah in military action in Syria, as well as in surveillance operations in Israel.