Federal employee union pushes back on GOP

The site comes not long after lawmakers agreed to force new federal employees to contribute more to their pensions, as part of the deal to exend the payroll tax cut and emergency unemployment insurance.

That provision angered many Washington-area Democrats, who represent thousands of federal workers and have promised to oppose any future measures that target government workers.

“Unfortunately, we have too many people who don't respect those who give their service to the public,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said at an NTEU rally on Wednesday.

Still, Republicans have already signaled that they want to push other proposals that would affect federal employees.

House GOP leaders had suggested pension changes as a way to help pay for a long-term transportation bill, and Republican senators have said that reductions in the government workforce could help undo the automatic defense cuts that grew out of the failure of the supercommittee.

Republicans have also pointed to a recent Congressional Budget Office analysis that said that, including benefits, government workers are compensated 16 percent more on average than their private-sector equivalents.