Gallup: Economic confidence dips slightly

People’s confidence in the economy dipped slightly in July, Gallup said Tuesday, but still reached its lowest point since March.

Gallup’s economic confidence index fell to -17, a two-point drop. But the polling company noted that, after more wild swings in 2013, economic confidence has generally been quite stable this year, with the confidence index staying within a three-point span.

The economic confidence index combines consumer sentiment about current conditions and whether the economy is getting better. July’s dip came from a slight drop in people’s take on the economic outlook. People’s view of current conditions has been unchanged for months.

Gallup says that drop in confidence about the future mostly came late in the month, amid a fall in the stock market and a string of concerning news abroad.

The drop comes as President Obama has increasingly tried to tie his legacy to his economic policies, after taking over following the 2008 fiscal crisis.