Congressional budget office wants bigger budget

CBO Director Doug Elmendorf told a Senate Appropriations subcommittee that his agency needs at least $44.6 million, an increase compared to its $43.8 million budget this year. In 2009, CBO was given $44.1 million, he said. 

“Operating the agency in fiscal year 2013 with only slightly more funding than was provided for this fiscal year and little more than was obligated four years earlier would be possible only through a further reduction in the number of CBO analysts, minimal increases in salaries and sharp cutbacks in spending on IT, data, training, and other items,” he said in a statement.

“Although CBO will continue to make every effort to serve the Congress as effectively as possible, the changes that would be required under the proposed budget would unavoidably diminish the number of estimates and analyses of budget and economic policies that CBO was able to provide,” he added.