Retail group tells Senate to ax NLRB’s union-election rule

“The NLRB’s decision to dramatically shorten the period before a union election erodes employers’ free speech and due process rights. In addition, ambush elections will deny employees access to critical information and time to consider the issues at hand prior to entering the voting booth,” Lugar wrote. “We believe Congress has an obligation to weigh in on this matter, which would have a dramatic effect on American businesses’ ability to grow jobs.”

Passed by the NLRB in December, the rule would speed up union elections by reducing litigation and streamlining practices for the labor board’s regional directors. 

Business groups and Republican lawmakers have been up in arms over the rule. Last year, the House passed legislation to void the proposal.

Labor has backed the rule, saying it will ensure that workers who want to vote to join a union will have a chance to do so. 

Forty-five Republican senators have signed onto the joint resolution so far, which was introduced by Sen. Mike EnziMike EnziA guide to the committees: Senate GOP senators unveil bill to give Congress control of consumer bureau budget Grizzlies, guns, and games of gotcha: How the left whiffed on Betsy DeVos MORE (R-Wyo.), ranking member on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. The resolution has also been introduced in the House. 

The resolution was filed under the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to stop a rule or regulation from being implemented. 

To void the NLRB’s union election rule, the resolution would have to pass both the Senate and the House, and then President Obama would have to sign it.