Report finds 26 top corporations paid subzero tax rate

Bob McIntyre, the director of CTJ, which is credited with helping to spur the 1986 tax overhaul, has argued that this sort of data illustrates that policymakers are wrong for pushing to lower corporate tax rates.

“These big, profitable corporations are continuing to shift their tax burden onto average Americans,” McIntyre said in a Monday statement. “This isn’t fair to the rest of us, makes no economic sense, and it’s part of the reason our government is running huge budget deficits.” 

Still, the Obama administration (28 percent) and Republicans on Capitol Hill (25 percent) have floated the idea of a tax overhaul that does lower the top corporate rate.

When CTJ and ITEP released their study in November, some of the companies took issue with the findings. The two liberal groups only counted federal taxes in their analysis, while corporations will often include taxes deferred and taxes paid to state, local and foreign governments. 

Boeing, for instance, said in response to last year’s report that it paid at least 22 percent and as much as 34 percent between 2008 and 2010.