Rep. Frank: Ryan budget 'ideological,' not 'fiscal'

Ryan's plan would trim $4 trillion in government revenue, and shrink the income tax from six brackets to two at rates of 25 and 10 percent.

"The House Republican budget has given too little attention to one central fact: part of what it does is to repudiate last year's decision to reduce defense spending and it makes up for that by mandating deeper cuts in Medicare and Medicaid," said Frank.

Ryan's plan would overhaul the two entitlement programs, converting Medicaid into a federal block grant program. It would keep traditional Medicare as an option, but also offer a competing plan in which individuals seek private coverage with the help of government subsidies.

Democrats, both this year and last, have been quick to pounce on that aspect of Ryan's proposal, accusing Republicans of wanting to end Medicare.

Republicans contend entitlement programs are on an unsustainable path, and must be reformed to be salvaged.