Van Hollen: Health reform ruling looms over fall budget battles

The Supreme Court ruling is expected next month on Obama’s signature legislative achievement. House Republicans have repeatedly voted to repeal the entire law and in the last two House GOP budgets claim savings from eliminating elements of the law, though the Congressional Budget Office says the law will reduce the deficit by $125 billion over 10 years.

The House GOP’s bill to replace automatic cuts triggered to defense next year claims savings from eliminating a health reform prevention fund.

Van Hollen blasted the GOP for these cuts and for failing to offer their own alternative to healthcare reform

“The first thing they did was pass a resolution calling for the repeal and replace of healthcare reform,” Van Hollen said. “Well we haven’t seen ‘replace.’”

Van Hollen admitted that Democrats have not sold what the GOP derisively terms “ObamaCare” to the public well.

“All of us should have done a better job of explaining its benefits,” he said.