Chamber: North Dakota the boom state of next decade

In all, the report used 33 different measures to craft its rankings, from short- and long-term job growth to export intensity to the tax environment for new and established companies alike. It also took college affordability and broadband capability into account.

The study found that Utah, Texas, Virginia, Wyoming, Washington, Maryland, Colorado, South Dakota and Massachusetts have also set themselves up well for the next decade.

North Dakota, fueled by oil and agriculture, has long had the lowest unemployment rate among the 50 states — 3 percent in April, according to the Labor Department.

The unemployment rate for the country as a whole stood at 8.2 percent in May, and Nevada and Rhode Island both had rates north of 11 percent in April.

In addition to its job-growth possibilities, North Dakota also has a well-educated young workforce, the Chamber found.

Utah and Texas, meanwhile, combine growth opportunities with a reasonable cost of living, according to the study. And Virginia, a leader in science and technology jobs, is also committing to its infrastructure, the Chamber said.