Rogers blasts Reid on spending bills, warns of shutdown crisis

“The 12 annual Appropriations bills cannot be swept under the rug and ignored until a more convenient political time. They can, and must, be dealt with in a judicious and responsible manner – else the nation will once again face the economic danger and instability of threats of a government shutdown,” he said.

Rogers said that Reid’s claims that the House spending levels prevent action in the Senate are “absurd.”

“The House and the Senate are free to disagree, and frequently do, but that should not give cause for one whole legislative branch to act like impudent children, effectively ‘taking their ball and going home,’ ” he said.

The Hill reported early this month that behind the scenes Senate leadership had no intention to move the bills. Senate Republicans off the committee were already angered by the situation, arguing that skipping floor action robs the full Senate of influencing the spending process, which will be likely be resolved in a appropriations conference committee this fall.

The House Appropriations Committee has cleared 11 of the 12 annual spending bills, and the House has passed six. The White House has threatened to veto all of them.

The Senate is using the $1.047 trillion budget figure agreed to in August, while the House is using the $1.028 trillion figure in its budget. House Republicans say the August deal set a ceiling, not a floor on spending.

Democrats say changing the terms of the August deal will make it hard to strike bipartisan budget accords later this year, when the country faces a fiscal cliff of automatic cuts and tax increases.

The House and Senate need to agree at least on an extension of current spending before Oct. 1 to avoid a government shutdown.