Top financial lobbyist gets new title

The Financial Services Roundtable announced Thursday that its top lobbyist is getting a new title.

Scott Talbott is now officially the group's senior vice president of public policy. Previously, he was senior vice president of government affairs for the Roundtable, which represents some of the nation's largest banks and financial institutions.

According to the group, Talbott's new title is meant to encompass the broadened work he had already been doing with the group over the last several years.

“Scott’s new title encompasses the work he has already been involved in for a few years now — the strategic management and oversight over many of the Roundtable’s divisions and departments,” said Steve Bartlett, president and CEO for the Roundtable. Bartlett is leaving the industry group at the end of the year.

Talbott joined the group in 1994, after working in the tax departments of Arthur Anderson and Ernst & Young.