Stephen Colbert may be waiting for his own 'October surprise'

Don’t count comedian Stephen Colbert out just yet.

With less than three weeks to go until Election Day, campaign finance reports filed on Saturday show that Colbert’s super-PAC – Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow – is holding tightly to nearly $1 million.

Although the super-PAC has only raised a fraction of the haul it brought in during the primary election campaign, when it raised more than $1 million between June 2011 and February 2012, Colbert still brought in $4,000 last month, many from small donors.

And there's something else to take into account: The super-PAC’s previous ad buys have been thrifty in comparison to advertising spending by other outside groups, having only spent nearly $80,000 in production costs and media buys so far, according to FEC independent expenditure data.

The reports show Colbert's super-PAC now has $779,000 Colbert in the bank. Its reserves have been hovering around that mark since the super-PAC's inception.

Colbert has run ads in support of Rick Perry that aired in Iowa last August.

And when Herman Cain dropped his White House bid, Colbert ran an advertisement in January preceding the South Carolina primary, a ballot upon which Cain’s name still appeared. The TV spot resembled a Cain campaign ad and featured support for the former Republican candidate while showing pictures of Colbert.

But the super-PAC has gone beyond politics. 

During the National Basketball Association lockout last year, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow aired ads in support of Mark Cuban and other NBA team owners “who make sure Americans don’t have to watch hockey,” urging the association to come to an agreement with players. 

Colbert noted on the Cuban video's web page that the "Colbert Super PAC stands behind Mark Cuban, who may or may not stand behind Colbert Super PAC," referring to murky campaign finance dislosure rules.

Colbert’s publicist did not return requests for comment.