Panel set to release MF Global report

The firm's bankruptcy shook Washington as well as Wall Street; the company was headed by Jon Corzine, the former Democratic New Jersey governor and senator.

Former MF Global officials, including Corzine, and financial regulators were a regular presence on Capitol Hill after the collapse as lawmakers from both parties pressed for answers on the bankruptcy and the missing funds. 

However, answers were largely hard to come by. Bank officials either refused to answer questions or insisted they did not know what happened.

The oversight panel says its report will mark the culmination of months of work, including three hearings, 50 interviews and the review of more than 243,000 documents.

Meanwhile, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) marked the anniversary of the bankruptcy to slam the Obama administration for failing to bring any criminal charges against MF Global officials. The freshman lawmaker accused the White House of refusing to charge Corzine because of his connections to the Democratic Party.

"Jon Corzine is one of the biggest villains on Wall Street, yet because Corzine was the one Vice President Biden called for advice during the nation’s financial crisis and because Corzine has bundled half a million dollars in campaign contributions for the President’s reelection efforts, Corzine apparently gets off scot-free?" he said in a statement.

Corzine resigned from MF Global shortly after the firm went bankrupt, and his lawyers have asked for a civil fraud lawsuit filed against him by investors to be dismissed.