Rogers earns second term as Appropriations chairman

“I look forward to continuing this important work on behalf of the American people, making the necessary strides to get the nation’s finances on track, reducing unnecessary government spending, and investing in important programs that will benefit the nation both now and in the future.”

Rogers and his committee colleagues weren't pleased last year when President Obama and Republican and Democratic leaders agreed to a $1.047 trillion discretionary spending cap, complete with automatic spending cuts amid a debt-limit deal, essentially ripping spending decisions out of the committees' hands. 

Meanwhile, House and Senate Appropriations panels are marching ahead, trying to complete an omnibus spending bill to replace the six-month stopgap measure passed in September. 

All of that work comes alongside the White House and congressional leaders trying to hammer out a year-end package to halt the scheduled spending cuts and tax increases.

But that is not all Rogers has on his plate. 

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg met with Rogers on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to discuss additional federal disaster funding that is needed for his state, which was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy nearly a month ago. 

Bloomberg is pressing lawmakers to pass an $80 billion bill to help New York and New Jersey recover from the devastating storm.