Tea Party group opposes GOP debt limit bill

Brent Bozell, another prominent conservative, said on Twitter that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was planning another “cave.”

The message from FreedomWorks circulated an hour or so after the Club for Growth, a prominent conservative group, said that it would not actively oppose the debt limit proposal, which would also withhold lawmaker pay if the House and Senate did not pass a budget by April 15. 

That statement likely gives GOP leaders some breathing room on the debt ceiling bill, which is expected to hit the floor on Wednesday.

The Club for Growth and other key groups on the right, like Heritage Action, either failed to embrace or outwardly came out against Boehner’s Plan B to avert the fiscal cliff in December

The Club for Growth and Heritage Action have said that they will continue to keep up the pressure on House Republicans on fiscal issues. Heritage Action has neither endorsed nor announced its opposition to the House debt limit proposal.