Boehner talks up latest GOP budget measure

BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerRestoring fiscal sanity requires bipartisan courage GOP congressman slams primary rival for Ryan donations Speculation swirls about Kevin McCarthy’s future MORE’s statement illustrates that Republicans believe debt and deficits are a political winner for them, after making that a key part of their argument in last year’s election. 

GOP lawmakers have consistently hammered Senate Democrats for not passing a budget over the last four years, and have said that too much government spending weighs down the private sector. 

The Friday statement from Boehner also comes the same day the government announced the economy created 157,000 jobs last month. 

House Rules is scheduled to consider Price’s proposal — the Require Presidential Leadership and No Deficit, or Require a PLAN Act — on Monday, setting up a floor vote as early as Tuesday. 

The measure would require Obama to submit another budget for fiscal 2014, if the first effort does not estimate when the deficit would be erased. 

The White House has said its budget won’t be ready by Monday’s deadline, after only beating the deadline once in Obama's first term.