Treasury removes sanctions against Colombian soccer club

In its release, Treasury also said that America de Cali had proved through a restructuring that it no longer had ties to the cartel.

According to media reports, America de Cali and other organizations that faced U.S. sanctions because of their relationship with cartels were on the “Clinton list.”

Treasury first sanctioned the soccer club in 1999, late in former President Clinton’s second term. The Colombian government has increased its efforts to battle drug cartels in recent years, though the country continues to play a central role in the export and production of cocaine.

America de Cali has hit a rough patch in recent years, and club leaders said they hoped that getting rid of U.S. sanctions would help spur a turnaround.

“We’re ready to return America to greatness, only this time with legal money,” said the club’s president, Oreste Sangiovanni, according to The Wall Street Journal.