IMF inches back U.S., global growth projections

The IMF also said that recent stimulus from Japan’s central bank will help spur a rebound, and that growth in emerging and developing economies like China and India will “remain robust.”

Economic growth in China appears to have taken a step back recently, but the IMF still projects an 8 percent growth rate in 2013, with India’s economy expanding at close to a 6 percent clip.

At the same time, the IMF also expressed concern about the difference in growth and private demand between the U.S. and the euro zone.

“Over 2013–14, these divergences between advanced economies are projected to narrow. Assuming that policymakers deliver on their commitments, the latest WEO report anticipates continued easing of the brakes on real activity and a strengthening of real GDP growth in the advanced economies from the second half of 2013,” the IMF said.