White House announces competition for manufacturing innovation hubs

In January, the administration released a report on the manufacturing initiative that brings together companies, universities and community colleges, along with federal agencies, to jointly invest in the exploration of new technologies that can grow the economy.  

Obama vowed during his State of the Union address in February to add three more hubs this year, following up on the pilot program in Youngstown, Ohio.

The Obama administration has made the growth of the manufacturing sector a top priority. 

The winners will be selected and announced later this year, the White House said. 

The Defense Department will lead two of the new Institutes, focusing on digital manufacturing and design innovation and lightweight and modern metals manufacturing, while Energy will look at the future of wide bandgap semiconductor-based power electronic devices. 

In August, the administration announced that the Youngstown project, examining 3D printing, had won a $30 million federal award.