Rep. Price to unveil bill to replace ObamaCare

Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) on Wednesday said he was poised to unveil a wide-ranging replacement plan for the president’s healthcare reform law.

“We will be introducing a bill, maybe even today … that will be a comprehensive approach. There are a whole lot of things in it,” he told reporters. 

Price said the bill is similar to one he offered in the last Congress, which had more than 80 cosponsors.

The Price proposal was a leading candidate for a replacement to ObamaCare, although GOP lawmakers failed to unify around any one bill. Price introduced his bill in 2009 as an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, later adding a section to repeal the law.

The bill will not require individuals to buy insurance, something called for under the president’s healthcare reforms.  Instead, the bill will offer tax deductions and advanced tax credits to purchase insurance.

“You have got to get folks covered,” said Price. “What we do is make it attractive from a financial standpoint to get coverage.” 

The bill would make employer-based healthcare portable “like a 401k plan” he added. 

To address pre-existing conditions, uninsured individuals would be allowed to join a giant risk pool to purchase insurance, he said. 

The bill would also contain a tort-reform proposal, Price said. 

“I think what we need to do is pull the emergency brake [on ObamaCare],” Price added. “There are so many other positive solutions … we ought to move in that direction as soon as possible.”

Price touted the bill as part of a “positive” agenda the GOP will push to build support among voters.

“My constituents are frustrated with Washington. Things don’t seem to be getting done,” Price said. 

 “I think that what we have to do is move forward with a positive solution,” he added. “We are excited about it.”

Elise Viebeck contributed.