Dems reject CBO scoring method a day after embracing it

Ranking member Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) called the bill “ill-advised.”

Democrats say that requiring dynamic scoring would make the CBO’s job too onerous. The CBO uses the method rarely now.

Republicans say the CBO could handle the change.

“Under current law, the static analysis provided by the CBO paints an incomplete picture which has, at times, proven to be inaccurate. When the budget process is incapable of providing complete or accurate information, the prospects of securing a long-term solution to the nation’s fiscal crisis are greatly diminished,” Price said.

Republicans are out Wednesday critiquing the CBO score on the immigration bill, but they are not focusing on the use of dynamic scoring. 

Sen. Tom CoburnTom Coburn-trillion debt puts US fiscal house on very shaky ground Al Franken: 'I make fun of the people who deserved it' The more complex the tax code, the more the wealthy benefit MORE (R-Okla.) told Fox News it is inaccurate to focus on the $197 billion figure because that includes changes to Social Security. The program is technically off-budget, so it should not be included.

“It's not part — even part of the budget. So when we actually look at how — what they've calculated, it will have no effect whatsoever on the deficit,” he said. 

The statement was an interesting one for Coburn to make because he has long supported fixing Social Security’s long-term funding problems as part of a deficit grand bargain. 

Tying the two things together has been something Democrats have resisted, even though when it comes to the immigration bill score they are happy to count Social Security as part of the federal budget.