House prepares to cut own budget in 2014, also hits GAO

While the cuts in the bill prevent furloughs of Capitol Police officers, other legislative activities are funded significantly below what was requested.

In a move likely to draw some criticism from Democrats, the GAO is given $486 million, a cut of $20 million below the 2013 enacted level but an increase over the post-sequester level of $479.5 million. The agency had requested $505 million, a cut from the $511 million enacted level of 2012.  

The Architect of the Capitol, which is repairing the Capitol Dome and preparing for a revamp of decaying legislative office buildings, wanted $681 million next year. Instead it will get $508 million.

A Democratic aide said the cuts to legislative activities are harming effectiveness while doing "virtually nothing" for the deficit. The aide predicted Democrats will use the bill to highlight the fact GOP leaders spent $2.3 million in legal fees defending the Defense of Marriage Act before the Supreme Court. The heart of the act was ruled unconstitutional last month by the court.