Baucus, Camp make fourth stop on tax reform tour

Baucus and Camp are trying to boost grassroots support for tax reform at a time when much of Washington is concentrating on the situation in Syria, and weeks before Congress faces deadlines on extending government funding and raising the debt ceiling. Their visit to Memphis was the fourth stop on a national tour that has also hit the Minneapolis area, the Bay Area and Philadelphia.

The two chairmen sat down Monday with FedEx executives and some of the company’s customers on Monday. FedEx is part of two corporate coalitions – RATE and ACT – that are seeking to overhaul the corporate tax system, and Fred Smith, the company’s chief executive, was outspoken in urging Washington to avoid the fiscal cliff last year.

But Baucus and Camp have also expressed an interest in reforming the individual tax code, given that’s where many small business pay. The two tax writers also visited the Sullivan family farm in Oakland, Tenn., just months after Congress enacted permanent parameters for the estate tax.