Conservative groups split on latest House GOP plan

The third and latest funding proposal from House Republicans includes a delay for one-year the individual mandate portion of the law and would eliminate health care subsides for members of Congress, political appointees, and their staff.

House Republicans had previously advanced measures that would completely defund ObamaCare, and another that would delay the entire law for one year. Senate Democrats stripped any provisions targeting the healthcare reform law during those previous attempts, and have vowed to do the same if the House sends over this latest version.

Both Club for Growth and Heritage Action have been vocal forces urging Republicans to target ObamaCare during the funding fight, and both backed the original gambit from Republicans to defund the law. GOP leaders and many moderate Republicans originally did back a plan to attach a defunding provision to a government funding bill, but pressure from conservative lawmakers and other groups ensured its inclusion.

The government will shut down Oct. 1 if Congress is unable to pass funding legislation.