Bipartisan governors group lobbies for end to shutdown

But the governors – like many of the business groups calling for a resolution – also did not endorse any of the various proposals for ending the standstill, instead issuing a general call for the two sides to come together.

The federal government is now in its tenth day of being shut down, with House GOP leaders currently meeting with President Obama in search of a deal.

Republicans are pitching a deal to raise the debt ceiling – which Treasury says needs to be done by Oct. 17 – for roughly six weeks.

That plan, as originally laid out, would not immediately reopen the government.

Bloomberg reported Thursday that states were starting to tell workers to stand down and roll back services because of the shutdown.

“States have thus far managed to avoid closing or suspending most programs and services by using carry-over funds or, in some cases, by using state spending to fill in for missing federal dollars,” wrote Fallin, the NGA chairwoman, and Hickenlooper, the group’s vice chairman.

“However, states are not in a position to be the bank for the federal government.”