Conservative group warns GOP against debt ceiling hike

The conservative Americans For Prosperity group is warning lawmakers not to pass a clean hike of the federal debt ceiling on Saturday.

The warning comes as lawmakers are searching for a solution to an approaching Oct. 17 deadline to avoid a default on federal debt.

Republicans in the House have floated a proposal to approve a short-term debt ceiling increase but not immediately end the government shutdown.

Americans For Prosperity President Tim Phillips cautioned lawmakers to attach a provision that reduces federal spending to any debt ceiling hike passed.

"As we approach $17 trillion in debt, it's outrageous that politicians would consider a debt limit increase without also carefully scrutinizing wasteful government spending," Phillips said in a statement.

"AFP will continue to urge lawmakers to attach spending reforms to the debt ceiling discussion that will save taxpayers at least as much money as the proposed increase in the debt ceiling. Without these cuts, our budget will never be on a path to balance," he added.

The contours of a potential deal to avert a a default appeared to be taking shape on Friday, but negotiations between the White House and House Republicans gave way to discord between the lower and upper chambers' GOP caucuses by Saturday morning.