Cohn: Tax reform will be inclusive, 'unlike healthcare'

Cohn: Tax reform will be inclusive, 'unlike healthcare'
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White House economic adviser Gary Cohn on Friday promised the administration's approach to tax reform will be different than the effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare that was mostly led by Congress.

“Unlike healthcare, we are out talking to all the groups that are gonna be interested in our tax plan,” he said in a Friday interview with Fox Business News.

Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council, said he is reaching out to conservative groups, the House Freedom Caucus, and industry groups as he works to flesh out President Trump’s tax reform plan.

When the bill is ready, Cohn said, "we’re gonna have dealt with those issues, and we think it’s gonna make it substantially easier to get that through Congress.”

The GOP's healthcare plan passed the House Thursday after an embarrassing earlier attempt fell short. Senate Republicans are expected to make major changes to the bill as they seek to secure enough support for passage.

Trump’s tax reform outline, released last month, would dramatically cut tax rates for both businesses and individuals. It did not specific which tax breaks would be eliminated or whether the administration would seek to recoup lost government revenue.

Notably absent from the list of groups Cohn said he was reaching out to is Democrats. 

A senior administration official told The Hill in April that the tax reform outline did not take Democratic wishes into account because they did not expect to win any Democratic support for the reform.

“There’s no sign that we’re seeing any bipartisanship on anything going on right now. So we have to be realistic,” the official said.