Staffers seek to educate Tea Party on tax breaks in health bill

Thousands of Tea Party activists are expected to descend upon the Capitol Tuesday morning and congressional staffers will seek to educate them on the health reform bill they have come to Washington to oppose.

In a memo from House leadership, staffers have been warned that many of the activists have come to the capital in reaction to "a caricature of the reform bill presented by right-wing media outlets," and they should inform protesters that "many conservative and GOP ideas and concerns are addressed in the legislation.”

One high point staffers will stress is the bill “provides historic tax credit for small businesses and individuals to purchase health insurance,” according to the memo.

The memo also encourages staffers to find “common-ground” with Tea Party members, in part by explaining about the tax credits the bill offers to businesses to help lower health care costs.  

A Tea Party demonstration opposing the health reform bill is expected to begin at 10am.