Snowe noncommittal but optimistic on financial regulatory reform bill

Senate Democrats will probably file cloture sometime within the next few days but won't hold a vote to move to consideration of the bill this week. 

"We discussed some of the key issues that are important to address, and hopefully, as I encouraged him to help us get to a bipartisan agreement so that we can proceed to the floor in a bipartisan basis," Snowe said. "At least to have a starting point on some of the initiatives that are critical to this legislation that could build a consensus for a strong, overwhelming vote."

A member of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, Snowe said she asked Geithner to make sure banks will be able to continue customized loans to small businesses.

"We're all in agreement there should be legislation without question," Snowe said. "I think, frankly, you know, surprised that we're at this point where we didn't have a bipartisan bill. But at least have a bipartisan starting point with this very significant initiative, and frankly, send a very important message to the American people that we can come together."