CBS/NYT Poll: Public sees economy improving, split on Obama's performance

More Americans think the economy has been improving during the past few months, but they're still split on President Barack Obama's handling of it, according to a CBS/New York Times poll.

The poll released Monday showed 41 percent believed the economy is getting better while 15 percent said it's getting worse. A slight plurality -- 43 percent -- said the economy is staying the same. The CBS/NYT poll last month showed a 33 percent to 23 percent split between those who thought the economy was improving and those who thought it was worsening.

When asked about Obama's handling of the economy, 48 percent approve and 47 disapprove. His approval rating is up five percentage points from last month.

The small bump in economic optimism and Obama's rating comes after several months of economic growth and the first monthly jobs report in April showing a substantial net increase in jobs since 2007.