Joint CFTC-SEC panel will handle emerging regulatory issues

The joint panel will look at market structure issues that may have contributed to the volatility as well "as disparate trading conventions and rules across various markets," according to a release today. 

Overall, the committee's charter provides a broad scope for the panel to assess regulatory risks for investor and market participants while helping the SEC and CFTC work better together. 

Schapiro and Gensler will serve as co-chairs of the committee that will include academics, former financial executives and former regulators. Meetings will be public as the panel looks into the May 6 events and other issues. 

So far, the members include: Brooksley Born, former CFTC chair; Jack Brennan, former CEO and chairman of Vanguard; Robert Engle, finance professor at NYU's Stern School of Business; Richard Ketchum, chairman and CEO, FINRA; Maureen O'Hara, management and finance professor, Cornell University; Susan Phillips, dean and finance professor, The George Washington University School of Business; David Ruder, former SEC chair.