The economy tops Americans' agenda

Despite the continued legislative push for job creation, Americans are most concerned about the economy as a whole. 

After two months of jobs and unemployment issues leading polls, 26 percent of Americans said the economy is their No. 1 priority, with jobs a close second at 22 percent, according to a recent Gallup poll. 

In April, 290,000 jobs were created, the greatest number in four years. 

Immigration spiked to 10 percent from 2 percent as the Obama administration and Congress discussed taking up the issue sometime this year. The new law in Arizona also got more people thinking about the issue. 

The greatest concern on immigration came from those in West with 16 percent saying in May it's their top priority, up from 2 percent in April. In May, 14 percent of Republicans put immigration at the top of their agenda, up from 2 percent last month. 

Concern about healthcare has subsided since the bill became law and is down from 26 percent last summer to 15 percent now who consider it their top concern, according to the poll. 

In descending order, the biggest concerns are government leadership (12 percent), immigration (10 percent), federal debt/deficit (9 percent), lack of money, terrorism and ethics/moral decline all were 4 percent, then national security, the environment, situation in Iraq were all 3 percent.