Protesters fill DC streets in support of financial regulatory reform

Rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of nearly 2,000 protesters who marched on K Street in support of financial regulatory reform legislation on Monday. 

Union members clogged downtown streets today, targeting some of Washington's biggest and most influential lobbying firms and banks, including The Podesta Group and Bank of America. 

Monday's march follows protests Sunday night at the homes of top lobbyists and the government affairs staff of Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase to demand the firms stop fighting Wall Street reform efforts. 

Union leaders say lobbying firms have hired 1,500 people and are spending $1.4 million a day to defeat Congressional and White House efforts to tighten Wall Street regulations. 

Several Wall Street firms -- Goldman Sachs and Citigroup -- have said they support financial reform but are being accused of hiring lobbyists to fight against the changes. 

The unions recently gathered 10,000 members to march on Wall Street and at banks around the country. The AFL-CIO, National People's Action, Service Employees International Union, Jobs with Justice and have rallied supporters for the marches.