More Benadryl and Tylenol products recalled

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a division of Johnson & Johnson, has expanded its recall of Tylenol and Benadryl products this week, announcing that it will pull tainted pills "inadvertently omitted from the initial recall action." 

The company is pulling five lots of the drugs: four lots of 100-count Benadryl Ultratab tablets and one lot of 50-count Extra-Strength Tylenol Rapid Release Gels. Both are sold in the United States. 

The recalls — the third round since November — follow consumer complaints that the pills smelled moldy. Investigators determined that that the odor was caused by trace amounts of a chemical derived from other chemicals applied to the wooden pallets used to ship packaging materials. 

The recalls have been on Congress's radar, with the House oversight committee staging a hearing on the issue late last month.