AARP releases more info on healthcare reform law

AARP on Monday issued its latest round of policy briefs designed to help the group's millions of members navigate the Democrats' new healthcare reforms, some of which have already taken effect. 

The latest briefs address provisions of the reform law that expand Medicaid, help seniors receive care at home, expand the healthcare workforce and eliminate preventable hospital readmissions

"Our goal is to ensure that our members and all older Americans know exactly what the new health care law means for them and their families,” John Rother, AARP executive vice president, said in a statement Monday.

Representing roughly 36 million Americans ages 50 and up, AARP was among the most influential cheerleaders for the Democrats' healthcare reform bill over the past year — and not always to its advantage. Tens of thousands of members quit the group during the debate to protest its endorsement of the legislation.