GOP marks three months since passage of healthcare reform

Republicans marked the three-month anniversary of healthcare reform passage Wednesday by releasing a 43-page report titled: "ObamaCare — Three Months of Broken Promises." The report compiles what the GOP calls the law's "across-the-board failure to live up to Washington Democrats’ specific promises, including creating jobs, lowering costs, reducing the deficit and protecting seniors’ benefits."

The report also includes the GOP's solutions, including its substitute to the Democrats' bill, unveiled late last year. Republicans focus on their bill's low cost and the lower premiums it promises for many individuals and businesses, but the bill also covers less than a tenth of people — 3 million rather than 31 million — by 2019 than the Democrats' law.

The Obama administration, for its part, marked the three months since the law's March 23 enactment on Tuesday with an unveiling at the White House of new regulations guaranteeing that patients' health insurance benefits won't run out.