Policy group breaks down state stakes in extenders bill

The state of New York is the biggest loser if the Senate fails to pass additional funding for Medicaid programs, according to a new report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), a liberal policy group.

Senate Democrats are expected to vote very shortly on a tax package that contains about $15 billion in extra Medicaid funding to help states weather a tough economy. But Republican opposition to unpaid provisions is expected to sink the bill. 

If that's the case, New York will miss out on more than $2.2 billion next year, CBPP estimates. Other states in line to lose out big include California ($1.9 billion), Texas ($858 million), Florida ($784 million), Pennsylvania ($667 million) and Illinois ($545 million).

A number of states have already passed budgets assuming that the extra funding would be forthcoming. If it doesn't arrive, many have warned, they'll be forced to lay off workers, cut safety-net benefits or both.