Conservative groups call for repeal of healthcare reform law

The leaders of 74 conservative groups on Wednesday signed an open letter to lawmakers urging them to sign a discharge petition that would force an up-or-down vote in the House on repealing the healthcare reform law. The signees — which include Tea Party groups, gun rights advocates and pro-business organizations — claim the law “limits choice, increases the deficit, raises health care costs, expands government bureaucracy, discriminates against low-income workers, mandates insurance coverage and stunts economic growth.”

“Since Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi (D-Calif.) exercises near total control over which bills are voted upon in the House of Representatives a discharge petition allows an oppressed political majority to bypass the Speaker’s clenched fist,” the letter says.

The discharge effort is spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Action for America. It had attracted the signatures of 123 House lawmakers as of noon Wednesday; 218 are needed to force the vote.